Banyan Drive Art Stroll celebrates Lili`uokalani Gardens

a post card

a post card promoting the variety of art and venues was created by Bonnie Sol — Artists featured on the card are K.T. Cannon-Eger, Ken Charon, Diane Renchler, Kornelius Schorle, and Ailana deHavilland

The first annual Banyan Drive Art Stroll, sponsored by Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens, attracted more than 70 works of art in several media and 90 photographic images for a calendar competition.

“This is the first event of 2017, kicking off a three-year centennial celebration,” said Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens president K.T. Cannon-Eger. “Construction began on the gardens in the fall of 1917, continued through 1918, and the gardens were opened to the public in 1919.”

The free and open to the public event includes art exhibits, demonstrations, and entertainment in several venues in and near Lili`uokalani Gardens on Saturday, January 14, from noon until 6 p.m.

“We really appreciate the time, effort, and expertise that it takes to create a beautiful work of art,” said Bonnie Sol of the Banyan Drive Art Stroll committee. “The great number of entries challenged the jurors of both the Banyan Drive Art Stroll and photographers’ calendar contest.”

The Banyan Drive Art Stroll entrants eligible for People’s Choice voting are, in alphabetical order:

Christine Ahia for “Lili`uokalani me ma keiki o ka `aina”

Vivian Ursula Bratton for “Beneath Sunset Lights” and “One View of a Thousand, My `Aina”

K.T. Cannon-Eger for “Still Morning Reflected” and “Nagasaki Lion Picnic”

Ken Charon for “Hawaiian Lands in Hawaiian Hands”

Faith Cloud for “Lili`uokalani Gardens: Enchanted Rainscape” and “Lili`uokalani Gardens: Fisherman”

Alaina deHavilland for “Aloha ‘Oe”

Yumi Doi for “Cats in Lili`uokalani Garden” and “Young Queen Lili`uokalani.”

Bill Eger for “Peaceful Hiroshima”

Mary Goodrich for “Stone Steps”, “Moon Bridge”, “Line of Trees”, “Branches and Torii”, “Ironwood Reflection”, and “Tranquility”

Bonnie Sol Hahn for “High Tide” and “Garden Bridge”

Christa Kadarvsman for “Sunrise in Queen Lili`uokalani Gardens” and “Three Hula Dancers”

Alan Lakritz for “Bridge of Tides”, “Park Life”, “The Red Pavilion”, “Walk This Way”, and “Hilo Bay Serenity”

Marilyn Montgomery for “Lili`uokalani Park”

Valentina Montoya for “Queen Lili`uokalani and her Gardens”

Patti Pease-Johnson for “The Rain Clings Close to the Forest” [“Pipili Ka Ua I Ka Nahele”]

Jeffrey Pietrzak for “Aloha, Welcome to my Gardens”

Diane Renchler for “Pagoda at Lili`uokalani Park” and “Looking Out From Pagoda, Lili`uokalani”

Kornelius Schorle for “Colors of Autumn in Hawaii”, “Walk With Me”, “Cross Reflections” and “Nuptials Bridge”

Sunny Seal-LaPlante for “Mo`okuauhau” (Royal Lineage)

Sakiko Shinkai for “Kids at Coconut Island”

Diane Thornton for “Lili`uokalani Park”

Robert Weiss for “A Quiet Afternoon” and “The Tea House”

William Wingert for “Pagoda, Lili`uokalani Park” and “Hilo Colors”

The People’s Choice works will be displayed in the Palm Room at the Grand Naniloa Hotel, a DoubleTree by Hilton. Votes cast during the Banyan Drive Art Stroll will determine awarding of prizes from Akamai Art Supply and Cunningham Gallery.

Akamai Art Supply gift certificates are a highly prized award.

Akamai Art Supply gift certificates are highly prized awards

Cunningham Gallery Hilo

Cunningham Gallery and framing service in Hilo is a long established and trusted firm






Artists who were accepted to show in the Banyan Drive Art Stroll, but whose work did not meet the criteria for People’s Choice voting, are:

Rose Adare for “Within” (figurative)

Alan Fine for “King Kalakaua” and “Prince David & Jonah Kuhio”

Carol Froysland for “Single Turtle” and “Turtle on Reef”

Peter Heineman for “Keauhou Seawalls”, “Kona Heavens”, “Manini Snorkel”, “Old Airport Calm”, “South End Beach 68”, and “To The Beach”

Vijay Karai for “Lava Glow”

Kristen Luning for “Fern Fronds” and “Aloha ‘Oe”

Maria Macias for ” `Alala with `Ohi`a” and “I`iwi with Mamane”

Peggy McKinsey for “White Magic”, “Pua Melia”, “Azure Skies”, and “Good As Gold”

Sakiko Shinkai for “Gardenia” and “Red Rose”

William Wingert for “Grass Hat”, “Farm Road, Waimea”, and “Rodeo Rider, Waimea”

These works will be displayed in the Wai `Oli Lounge at Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

Hours for the Banyan Drive Art Stroll are Saturday, January 14, from noon until 6 p.m. All art work must be picked up by 8 p.m.

“We are especially grateful to juror Dick Nelson from Kula Maui for bringing his professional expertise to a difficult selection process” said Jelena Clay of Banyan Gallery.

An esteemed watercolorist and instructor, Nelson studied with Joseph Albers at Yale and subsequently developed his own “Tri-hue” method of painting. During his Honolulu years, Nelson served on the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts, was art consultant for Alexander & Baldwin for 10 years, and chaired the Punahou Art Department for 22 years. He was the designer and director for the Wailea Art Center on Maui and has been painting and teaching on Maui since 1978.

Juror Dick Nelson selected four artists for recognition. First juror’s choice is “Queen Lili`uokalani and her gardens,” by Valentina Montoya, an 11 x 14 pencil, ink, and watercolor piece Nelson described as “a regal queen in a setting of unabashed color fitting for any garden celebration and created with aesthetic competence.”

Second juror’s choice goes to Christine Ahia for an 11 x 14 pastel titled “Lili`uokalani me na keiki o ka `aina.” Nelson said the piece displays “the sense of calm majesty in a playful and colorful atmosphere. Color luminosity, the envy of any colorist, is exceptional.”

Third juror’s choice is for Jeffrey Pietrzak 34 x 28 watercolor “Aloha, Welcome to my gardens” set in the iconic red bridge of which Nelson said, “a fitting setting for a place of honor, (his work) brings both garden and queen together in a harmonious whole.”

Fourth juror’s choice is “Hilo Bay Serenity,” a photograph by Alan Lakritz, which Nelson described as “a formal composition of rich color harmonies which combine Hilo’s misty atmosphere with the intense hues of the foreground subject.”

photo contest

90 images were entered in the first Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens photo calendar competition — winners will be on display at Banyan Gallery Saturday, Jan. 14, noon to 6 p.m. Photographers on the flyer from left to right: Kornelius Schorle, Kenneth Jackson, Alal Lakritz (2), and Debra Newbery

Another group of artists to be displayed during the Banyan Drive Art Stroll are the photographers selected by Alvis Upitis in a calendar competition. The following works will be displayed at Banyan Gallery:

Paul Miyasaki for his image “Lili`uokalani Nene” (January)

K.T. Cannon Eger for her image “Nagasaki Lion Picnic” (February)

Kornelius Schorle for his image “Walk With Me” (March)

Steve Godzsak for his image “Nature’s Shapes n Colors” (April)

Alan Lakritz for his image “The Bridge of Tides” (May)

Kenneth Jackson for his image “Angel Crossing” (June and cover)

Toby Hazel for her image “Tea Room View” (July)

Debra L Newbery for her image “Bamboo Pagoda” (August)

Steve Pollard for his image “Wahine Hula” (September)

Alan Lakritz “Hilo Bay Serenity” (October)

Kenneth Jackson for his image “Winter Day 3” (November)

Valerie A. Victorine for her image “Lili`uokalani Shrine” (December)

Vernon L. Enriques for his image “All the Park” (January 2018)

The calendar photography contest grand prize winner is Kenneth Jackson for his image “Angel Crossing” (June and cover). Jackson will ride with Mick Kalber and Bruce Omori courtesy of Paradise Helicopters, sponsor of the grand prize.

Grand Prize in the photo calendar contest is a ride along with Mick Kalber and Bruce Omori courtesy of Paradise Helicopters

Grand Prize in the photo calendar contest is a ride along with Mick Kalber and Bruce Omori courtesy of Paradise Helicopters

“We owe deep gratitude to photo calendar juror Alvis Upitis for bringing his professional expertise to a difficult selection process,” said photographer and videographer Ken Goodrich of Volcano.

Alvis Upitis is a working commercial photographer with 40 years experience shooting for Fortune 500 companies and top advertising agencies worldwide. He has BS and MFA degrees in photography. He taught photo art and techniques at the college level for 10 years.

For further information on this and other events scheduled to celebrate the centennial of Lili`uokalani Gardens, please contact K.T. Cannon-Eger of Friends of Lili’uokalani Gardens at or telephone (808) 895-8130.


Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens, P. O. Box 5147, Hilo HI 96720

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