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Rake the Park

leaf rakers

Six large trash bags were filled with ironwood needles removed from the lawn and lava around the lantern from Fukushima prefecture

“Rake The Park”

a year-end, whole park cleanup
Tuesday, December 10, 8 a.m. to noon

Bring your rake and gloves to the old sumo ring
to get trash bags and your section of the gardens.
Additional chores available.
Refreshments and lunch provided.

P.O. Box 5147
Hilo Hawai`i 96720

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Rake the Park flyer single

A few additional pairs of gloves, rakes, pruners, lawn edgers, etc. will be available for use by those who who do not have their own tools.

On a previous visit, Takuhiro Yamada directed resetting of the stones and basin at the Shoroan tsukubai. Yamada is president of Hanatoyo Landscape in Kyoto.

Visiting Hilo for the day will be Takuhiro Yamada of Hanatoyo Landscape in Kyoto. Yamada has been helping Lili`uokalani Gardens since fall of 2014.

Special projects in the garden will happen under his direction again on Tuesday, December 10. Some advanced skills needed.

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Progress at Shoroan with help from Kyoto


restoring the tsukubai at Shoroan began with a survey of present conditions


Takuhiro Yamada and Philippe Nault check everything while board member Kenji Kuroshima looks on

Visiting landscaper Takuhiro Yamada, principal of Hanatoyo Landscape in Kyoto, brought a wealth of knowledge about Urasenke tea ceremony to the task to restoring the tsukubai at Shoroan. A tsukubai is an arrangement of stones, a water basin and a lantern set in a very precise manner.

First, a survey of the grounds surrounding Shoroan — the tea house built in Lili`uokalani Gardens and opened in 1997 — was conducted with all attending a hands-on workshop designed for landscapers, County park maintenance personnel, and Master Gardeners.

Next, the tsukubai area was studied in detail. It was discovered that the basin was set too low. The drain rocks were compacted and did not drain. The bamboo spout was too high. The plumbing was in need of repair. Surrounding bushes were in need of pruning. The lantern’s fire box faces the wrong direction. Most of these challenges were solved with several hours work by Hilo and Waimea landscapers under the direction of Mr. Yamada.

David Tamura and his son Troy and Robert Frost re-set a stone at Takuhiro Yamada's direction

David Tamura and his son Troy and Robert Frost re-set a stone at Takuhiro Yamada’s direction


The basin was lifted, shifted, and leveled

The basin was lifted, shifted, and leveled


Clara Koga sensei, Takuhiro Yamada, Russ Oda and Amy Nishiura test the finished stone arrangement

Clara Koga, sensei, Takuhiro Yamada, Russ Oda and Amy Nishiura test the finished stone arrangement

Plumbing repairs were completed by the County a few days later. Drainage was improved with the addition of smooth river rocks courtesy of Clayton Amemiya matching a few river rocks that were uncovered during excavation of the basin.

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Mahalo and arigato

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Visiting landscaper helps with Hilo garden

the way of tea

Mr. Takuhiro Yamada, president of Hanatoyo Landscape of Kyoto, will speak on tea gardens at the Hawaii Japanese Center, 751 Kanoelehua Avenue, Thursday, October 8, at 5:30 p.m. The presentation is free. Light refreshments will be served.

The presentation, “Tea Gardens — Observe the Tradition” is sponsored by Friends of Lili’uokalani Gardens, Urasenke Hilo, and the Hawaii Japanese Center.

Mr. Yamada is the president of Hanatoyo Landscape, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in business six years ago.  Mr. Yamada is the fifth generation in his family to head the company. Their clients in Japan include many cultural treasures. He has designed and installed gardens in Paris, London, and Honolulu. In the mainland United States, Yamada was the designer of the new tea house garden at The Huntington Japanese garden on the occasion of the Pasadena garden’s centennial in 2012.

He continues his father’s dedication to passing on traditional skills. At the same time he is leading the company into the future with green industry techniques in rooftop gardens and green waste recycling, and the company is ISO14001 certified. Like his father before him, he is qualified as a tree doctor and is a pioneer of new tree treatments in Japan.

Takuhiro Yamada visited Lili`uokalani Gardens around Thanksgiving 2014

Takuhiro Yamada visited Lili`uokalani Gardens around Thanksgiving 2014

For further information on the tea garden talk, contact the Hawaii Japanese Center at 751 Kanoelehua Avenue in Hilo, 934-9611 or Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens at 895-8130.

On Friday, October 9, Yamada will teach a hands-on workshop in the garden surrounding Shoro-an, the Urasenke tea house in Lili`uokalani Gardens. The workshop is designed for County park maintenance personnel, local landscapers, and members of the East Hawaii Master Gardener Association.

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