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AAA Hawaii features Lili`uokalani Gardens in “The best of Hawai`i Island’s biggest little town” cover story in the March/April issue


The new issue of AAA Hawaii: The Magazine for AAA Members arrived in our mailbox Friday. The cover photo features one view of Lili`uokalani Gardens on Banyan Drive in Hilo. The Japanese garden, formerly known as Nihon Koen, was dedicated in 1917.

The major reason my husband and I traveled across the U.S. visiting as many Japanese gardens as we could in late May and June, and October of 2012, was to gather information to benefit Lili`uokalani Gardens as our community moves toward a centennial celebration in a few years.

This lovely cover story by Bill Harby with photographs by Bob Brown does a very nice job of featuring so many of our town’s attractions from dining spots and art exhibition spaces to museums, events and shopping. Taking center stage in the recommended list is Lili`uokalani Gardens, which Harby described as “perfect for picnics and strolling.”

Thank you AAA Hawaii for such a lovely story on our home town and such beautiful photos of our crown jewel of a public park.

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