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Kinsaku Nakane garden in Boston

the entrance gate to Tenshin-en was renewed after our visit thanks to the efforts of carpenter Chris Hall

the entrance gate to Tenshin-en was renewed after our visit thanks to the efforts of carpenter Chris Hall whose work may be seen on his blog

Continuing to post gardens visited, but not yet posted, this entry is to a memorable garden with  connection to Hilo’s Lili`uokalani Gardens.

Designed and installed in the late-1980s by Kinsake Nakane, this garden features the assistance of one of his students, now a well-known landscaper and author, Julie Moir Messervy.

There are viewing benches off to one side of the garden outside. The garden also may be viewed from one of the galleries inside the Museum of Fine Arts.

overview from inside the garden (photo by Bill F. Eger)

detail of the stones from the path

the curving path from the main gate

detail of path transition

Maple at Tenshin-En adjacent to the Boston Fine Arts Museum

The connection to Lili`uokalani Gardens in Hilo? Kinsaku Nakane designed the stone lantern placement in the late 1960s. Lanterns were delivered by Japanese training ships in 1967 and the lanterns were placed in 1968 to commemorate the centennial of Gannenmono, the first official group of Japanese who came to Hawaii to work in the sugar industry..

For more about the Museum of Fine Arts, please see

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For more about Kinsaku Nakane, please read

For more about Julie Moir Messervy, please see her design studio Facebook page at

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The Carter Center and The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Located about two miles from downtown Atlanta are The Carter Center: Advancing Human Rights and Alleviating Suffering and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, two separate entities on Freedom Parkway. At the heart of these buildings is a large garden, part of which is a Japanese garden designed by Kinsaku Nakane and donated by the YKK Corporation. The garden contains many species of azalea, rhododendron, Japanese maple. river birch, camellia, golden raintree and barberry. The garden is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, although access through the library building must wait until opening hours.

This vantage point is at the farthest edge of the large, lower pond looking back toward Kinsaku Nakane’s waterfalls. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum building is visible at the upper right.

The larger waterfall visible behind the lantern is dedicated to former President Jimmy Carter and the smaller to his wife Rosalyn, according to a garden brochure.

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