Technical difficulties

one section of bamboo fence at Kumamoto-en

“Technical difficulties” — two words packed with so much meaning, perhaps even more than the proverbial “picture is worth a thousand words.”

We are traveling with three computers and there came a time when none of them would talk to the others let alone allow communication with the wider web.

Now, a few moments before we have to leave Telluride, Colorado to photograph a Japanese garden in Grand Junction then catch a train for the west coast, finally everything seems to be working again.

Apologies for the seeming silence. I feel eight gardens and three states behind in keeping this blog. So while I have a connection, here are a few glimpses of articles to come from San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Saint Louis.

Unless otherwise credited, photos in this blog are by K.T. Cannon-Eger. You may view a full size image by double clicking on any photo.

a rustic bridge “to walk over the moon” at the Isamu Taniguchi garden inside the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas

school children spy a lizard in the Fort Worth Japanese garden

detail from one section of a new sculpture garden that wraps around a highrise in Dallas adjacent to the Crow Collection of Asian Art

the plum viewing area at Seiwa-en, Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis

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5 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

  1. William Cotter

    I look forward to the further postings on this beautiful and informative blog. In addition to the photographs and details of the gardens, how about a comment or two about the train travel for some of us with railroad nostalgia.

    • Okay, Bill. Two posts with lots of photos of trains, train stations, marketing posters and museum pieces went up just now. We shared upper berth nights about evenly, although both of us agreed the lower berth was much more comfortable.

  2. Dear Bill, Here’s a little extra:

    We passed a parked, restored caboose near Huston and inquired of our porter how might one go see such a car. Randy referred us to this organization of private rail car owners. Here is one of their links to tours offered by members to the public this year.

  3. KT & Bill…

    Alas, no photos or blog about your visit to the Taniguchi Japanese Garden in Austin, TX. Looks like you were having problems with your computers. If you took any photos, Bill, please post them on the blog. Would love to see them!

    • Alas, trouble with computer connections kept us from keeping up as much as we wanted to. We posted one photo of Zilker/Taniguchi and will have more with an article ASAP. We are home in Hawaii now, with me walking with crutches. Broke my right ankle in an uneven sidewalk fall in San Francisco on our next-to-the-last day of the journey. Missed one garden, but may catch up on that particular one in October when we head to Denver for the North American Japanese Garden Association 2012 International Conference. Maybe we will see you there?! Much aloha, KT and Bill

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