A grand railroad odyssey will begin next week in Atlanta. My husband Bill and I will be posting photos and stories from nearly 30 Japanese gardens across the nation. Please join us on our epic journey.


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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Cowboy Bill

    Welcome to the world of blog, blog, blog. Have fun and bring the world along.

    • kd sharpless

      Just testing to see if I saved this site. I’m not much of blogger, but will follow your trip w/interest & some envy. k

  2. Mahalo KT and Bill. My first attemt at blogging.

    • Dearest Donald — My first attempt too! Steep learning curve with some roller coaster rides when internet isn’t available or photos don’t load. I feel two states and four gardens behind, but have to stay in today as in 15 minutes we are going to City Park in New Orleans to see Yakumo Nihon Teien. xoxo, KT

  3. What a grand journey for you, K.T. and Bill! I’ll be in Atlanta this summer …. my son Stephen moved there from Hawaii …. soooo where is this terrific garden???? Are you traveling north of San Francisco to see our lovely Japanese garden in Seattle? I went to a tea ceremony there and the whole experience of the garden and the ceremony was so special! How about the Japanese Garden in Portland? It’s also VERY beautiful!!! I’m enticing you!!!!!

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