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Second volunteer day completes planting tasks

The second volunteer day at Lili`uokalani Gardens was held Friday, June 13, with participation from Moku `Aina, East Hawaii Master Gardeners, and Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens.

The next work day is scheduled for Friday, July 11. Please contact K.T. Cannon-Eger at (808) 895-8130 if you would like to assist next time.

Thanks to a donation of dwarf mondo grass from Mountain Meadows landscape nursery, a bare patch near the entry path to Shoroan, the tea house, was completed. East Hawaii Master Gardeners Daniel Heitman and Diane Fournier finished the weeding and installed the new plants.

mondo grass

Master Gardeners Daniel Heitman and Diane Fournier install new dwarf mondo grass to a bare spot near the tea house entry
(photo by Bill Eger)

Kenji Kuroshima and Keiji Ichikawa from Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens tackled removal of small banyan trees and roots from the roof of the tea house. They are visible in the mondo grass photo in the background and in the following photo.

tea house roof

banyan roots were causing damage to the shingles on the porch roof of the tea house (photo by Bill Eger)

banyan roots

Kenji, K.T. Keiji and Yoshi celebrate the removal of several banyan roots from the tea house roof (photo by Bill Eger)

Thanks to Ace Hardware (Home Mart) in Kea`au for the donation of gloves, rakes, and trash bags.

bamboo leaves

Members of Moku `Aina Stacey, Kawika and Bernie rake bamboo leaves off a path. Shortly after they left this area, a wedding party showed up and chose this spot for photographs (photo by Bill Eger)

mock orange hedge

Master Gardeners and members of Moku `Aina, Urasenke Tea Society of Hilo, and Friends of Lili`uokalani Gardens removed old dead stumps and replanted new mock orange bushes
(photo by Bill Eger)

pine tree shaping

Yoshi Ota prunes a memorial pine planted in 2010 for Jiichi Kogure, Mayor of Shibukawa City
(photo by Bill Eger)

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